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Since i can remember my family travels a lot. Since a few years ago i am looking for a place in the world where i could feel at home. Coming to Bangkok a few years ago, i realised (even more clearly) that i cannot be any country i can call my home. Capitalism everywhere coming with agricultural steppes, concrete caves and street canyons. Society and lifeworld shaped by struggle, carreer, business. In this pervading chain-mono-culture characterised by the logic of exploitation a lot seems functional, uniform, faceless, loveless, random.

My feel-good oasises where life feels meaningful are not part of any country where any movement is invariably driven by profit. I only feel fully at home in no1sland, in open oasises created by people for people – in this kind of open living room free of the obligation to consume where all (peoceful peaple) are always welcome to live out their potential, to support each other, to share and exchange anything.

I still travel just as often and preferably visit those places i feel home at. Like most artists i like to leave traces while doing so. I don’t feel like painting alone in halls-of-fame (legal walls) for a scene largely circling around one’s ego – instead i want to co-shape self-created places through art or music and paint and sing with you for  those people who  have the whole of it in their face or ears in the end.

If the world as we like it is not for sale we just have to make it ourselves. Here you can see what this may look like. I tell you about ne trips in my blog filed under no1slandOasises.

There are many-a inspiring oasises in no1sland:

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