graphic design

visual and verbal communication design and storytelling

There are many communication designers out here, so what makes me special? Well – it could turn out my style, working methods, background and philosophy just perfectly match the project you have in mind.

I’m here to visualise your vision. To do so, I have to envision your vision, so you are part of the creative process. Your idea + my expressing it accordingly = our creation.

Yet your idea does not have to be of a visual nature. Story, feel, tone, target group or philosophy can just as well point the way. The key is our communication and I find this conceptual aspect very rewarding.

I am flexible in my forms of expression so creations can be anything you can imagine, from stylised to naturalistic or surrealistic. I am curious what you have in mind!

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Internationally understandable instruction manual for 8-collapsible hula-hoops manufactured by HULA HOOP HH / Hulamanufactur Hamburg.
Logo for the „Rebelle“ herbal curative cream manufactury. Play on the words rebel and german „Libelle“ for dragonfly.
Tree-of-life logo for fair-trade ecological Café.
Logo for our former band and simultaneously my new album the Spiel (german the game) of life. The labyrinthine layout symbolises „the system“ and hacking it joker-like.
Outdated musician logo. Otto Normal is the german equivalent of average Joe. So being odo instead of Otto i’m off-norms.
Variations for different purposes of my (most probably) final musician logo. A combination of the horizontal 8 representing the unlimited quantum physical possibilities and the DNA-helix representing the wonder of life. Signature joker Colours representing the Chakras heart, voice and higher (global) consciousness.
Logo for graffiti / street art workshops and mural creations. oD.I.Y. – originallity developes in yourself