Inspired by and deeply grateful to Afro-Global musik right from the beginning, 2000s Berlin sexism rap brought about my alienation from ego posing and the quest for relevance.

After having discovered the political dimension of postcolonial music in talking back and telling the other half of the story, i asked myself what role i, as a privileged male white Middle-European, play in all of this.

I’m currently writing my concept album the Spiel about claim and reality concerning humanity and playing along or with the system.


Murals, painting and photography are my most widely used media, going by the idea in question and adapting form and medium to it.

As in music my topic is humanity. Here i take a step back to contemplate life on this planet from a virtually extra-terrestial perspective and to gain an over-view of the bigger picture.

Recurring themes are alienation from nature and alienation from this status. Creative resistance and consciousness building visions of a consent culture and a world (community) for all are especially important to me.

For a few years now i’m on no-one’s-land oasises tour time and again to get to know and co-shape self-administered cultural centres.

‚paint jobs‘ – commissions

Creatively designed surfaces and sculptures brighten up the ambiance and innovatively visualise the clients‘ personality and message and raise the recognition value.

Various surfaces can be refined:

  • interiours
  • vehicles
  • everyday objects
  • textiles
  • conventional artistic canvases and the like
  • banners

As for sculptures diverse materials can be brought into shape:

  • wood
  • clay
  • concrete
  • mosaics
  • light installations

Clients are being involved in every phase of concept development. Anything optically representable can be depicted.


I am happy to make the social issues of my art and music a topics in my workshops, too.

In the workshops the following artforms and contents can at will be combined or thematised on their own:


Artistic techniques

Finding an individual concept

Murals/street art/ graffiti

Graphic textile design + upcycling

Writing (rap) lyrics

Freestyle rap/beatbox


Identity, self-empowerment

Anti-racism, Global Learning

Environmental education, post-growth.