For me the strength of photography  lies in capturing the encounter of symbols that together produce more than the sum of their parts. The camera persuades through the uncontrieved thruthfulness of what  really (?) happened this way.

The camera can therefore capture the aestectically perceived in everyday life. It is as if i didn’t conceive ideas through new-combination but spot finished ideas and realise them directly by recording them photographically. Quasi ready-made. The art lies in sensing. The trick is always carrying that camera to skilfully capture fortunate coincidences.

It’s mostly dreamlike, surreal situations which hold secrets and tell stories that are in accordance with my perception and attitude, situations that come across like memories from childhood.

At times they enquire about the invisible, conceiled (power) structures, whisper of alienation and awaken the feeling „something is wrong here.“ The most impactful ones provoke thoughs about hegemony, utilisation as well as resistance, co-determination and the common good and deconstruct conventional interpretation patterns and legetimation of domination.