My first role models were rap crews Fettes Brot and EinsZwo and the preverence for double rhymes, refined lyrics and rap about life instead exclusively about rap have shaped my music. My first rhymes originated on the eastfrisian coast close to the netherlands cycling my 9,5mi school way. This phase was defined by watersedge mysticism, otherworld stories and greeen night beats, as those from Blowm’s Akai.

The new millenium brought my disassociation from rap motivated by Berlin sexism rap and, inspired by german singer Gentleman, a turn towards Reggae, Dancehall and Ska and melodic chanting.

Around 2010 i made my long awaited first experiences with our band the Spiel who unfortunately split up after one year and one gig. The following recordings are from this time. After one year in Bangkok i’m at last looking for a band again.

It was in Bangkok, too, that i found an answer to my quest for relevance in my lyrics which my alienation from ego-rap had evoked in me. Here capitalism is really striking only now, everywhere it’s all about struggling or status without nothing much in between. People are not as sated as here yet and showing off isn’t seen as uncool that often. Fortunately i got to know some of the few stubborn punks, skaters and writers who fill the city with subcultural life.

I also realised that persuations depend on socialisation and that almost all humans have good intentions. Blind submissiveness and conformisms can actually be seen as a virtue and a question of respect.

It came especially clear to me how invaluable my freedom of speech is and that as a member of this world community i don’t want to sing about trivialities. Colonialism and the contemporary world  economy based on debts and other dependencies are shaped by the customary law of the jungle and it’s this awareness i want to put across through my music.

My upcoming multi-genre concept album about fear and love „the Spiel“ is going to be a pladoyer for world-wide cooperation in a real world community satisfying everybody’s needs, for a new cultural heyday and for our species to grow up.