about me

I was born in ’82 in eastfrisia close to the dutch border. Right from the beginning painting and travelling were the biggest influeces in my life. In ’98 i began style-writing („painting grafitti“) and rapping and later studied art and english. Until now i have painted murals in europe, ecuador, india and thailand and sung in a Reggae/Dancehall band in Hannover.

Social matters have become more and more important to me in the course of the years. By now interpersonal understanding and agreement and the quest for a livable world for all are the main focus of my workshops. To me creative sub-culture appears especially apt for these issues since it connects people across borders and ideologic disagreements.

experiences & qualifications

After studying art and English education i gained several years of experience  in schools, workshops and project management for different age-groups and attendet multiple trainings, exspecially for Global Learning.

artistic media

(For subjects matters see below – media and subjects can be linked at will or thematised by themselves)

rap lyrics / song lyrics / poetry slam workshop

Rap is an often underestimated potentially social critical medium of self-assertion and resilience. If desired we repeat rap lyrics over their instrumental tracks or write lyrics intuitively or conceptionally – starting with a brainstorming, proceeding with the red thread, key motives, rhymes, verses up to a fitting beat and flow.

freestyle rap workshop

The advantage of rap is that with it’s do-it-yourself approach it can be practiced even with limited ressources and therefore is open to several MCs simultaneously. Freestyle-sessions are especially collective and interactive.
We deal with and try aspects as flow, style, humour, red thread and developing an individual interesting Persona. Battle counter-attacks will be practiced along respectful interaction in the cypher and on the mic. We simply integrate occurring lapses and slips of the tongue and play with words, tempi, moods, sources of inspiration and self-reverences – all of it optionally with a melody to it like in Raggamuffin/Dancehall/Jungle/Reggae – Toasting/Singjaying.
Requires a music system with CD/USB connection and at least one microphone.

beatbox workshop

Beatboxing enables us to make music without any technical means whatsoever, but with a variety of musical possibilities. We playfully research the abundance of tones and rhythms and how rich sounds come about.
Nodding along and closing the bassline loop reprace that often highbrow counting along. Diversion and multidimensionality are brought about by breaks, interaction with the MC and seeming simultaneity of beat and bass. If desired we engage with further genres like Dancehall and Drum n Bass.
Requires a music system and at least two microphones.

art workshop

Colour pencils, oil chalk, watercolour and acrylic have their own different material behaviour and possibilities. We have a go at effective tools and tricks as brushwork, colour impressions, perspective/spaciousness, depiction of the body, precise observation and copying of the subject, negativ spaces and composition.
Please bring along suitable painting clothes and, if existing, your own sketches.

mural painting – street art – style writing („graffiti“) – workshop

Simplistically speaking letterings, comic characters and one’s own person take the lead role in „graffiti“, whereby for purists any kind of auxilary means have no place between wall and spray can whatsoever. In street the symbolically expressed message is in the foreground and is often expressed using stencils or even plastically.
Be it graffiti or street art – it doesn’t always have to be those spray cans. While these are apt for lines, fogging techniques, transparent layers and fadings, their usage implies high levels of waste, waste gas and costs. I therefore favour simulaneously filling and grounding large areas using wall paint and paint rollers. As an aside the participants practice mixing colours this way. Subsequently the spray colours can be applied much more purposefully – be it freehand or aided by stencil technique.
For most people spray cans are an so far unpractised medium which can be learned from the age of 10, from the age of about 16 years photo images can be copied true to the original under guidance to precise observation.
Please bring along suitable painting clothes and, if existing, your own sketches.

workshop – individually designing and upcyclinging textiles and personal items

Clothes are inevitably an expression of individuality. While consumers of brands are advertising vehicles for status symbols in a certain way self-designed, upvalued, repurposed and reinterpreted unique pieces can communicate a variety of messages. According to the particular motive we use paintbrushes, markers, spray bottles and stencils as well as needle and tread.
Upon consultation participants are welcome to bring clothes or items of daily use meant to be redesigned.

subject matters

art workshop – working conceptionally and visualising ideas

How do i find my artistic language and what do i have to say? Am i looking for the intuitive, open-ended delight in the material and the form or shall the form follow my idea?
We’re experimenting – and/or find, collect and develop ideas together. In addition to tricks as establishing a folder with sketches, ideas and pieces of inspiration we focus on awareness raising perception patterns like aesthetic perception. We match the impression, symbols and narration with the target group and message and implement the ideas in such a way that form and content enrich one another.

workshop – conceptional mural design, realising common themes

I’m always happy when people bring along their own ideas to be realised. Designing large-ish walls often means collectively conceived images. This requires teamwork and consent-based communication and makes the process very fulfilling. Even if it doesn’t always have to be a concept mural, we look into content connections and according formal interplay and bring the composition into accordance as a joint whole.

workshop – identity, individuality, self-empowerment

This workshop is all about the participants lives. We explore identity and individuality and, depending on the focus, discuss interests, needs, dreams, ideals and utopias. We look into how dissoziation and connectedness are expressed through lived hobbies, passions, sub cultures and social movements.
We find images and texts full of symbolism and emotions and arrange them into a mosaic conveying these (self-)concepts. In affirmative engagement with their selves in relation to others, the participants foster self-confidence and empowerment.

Global Learning workshop

Global Learning is a method to reflect one’s role in our world community and within those difficult to see through economic correlations. Its aim is maiking accessible new scopes of action with the objective of a good life for all – worldwide. We illuminate how in order to legitimate unequal distribution of ressources and privileges inequalities are created. And how these deposit in our consciousness like toxic waste, as images of „us and the others“ and often subconscious racist prejudice . We consider who is being represented and who marginalised. In this way Global Learning open-endedly and free of moral obligations contrasts controverse points of view and looks for ways towards a universal world community.

environmental education and post growth workshop

Since everything is connected education for sustainable development and climate justice constitute central aspects here, just as in Global Learning. Environmental protection disregarding social, economic and political matters has little effect. Economic growth is of highest priority in this day and age and results in profit orientation, competitive pressure as well as compulsory exploitation and planned obsolescence (calculated short-lived production methods) and in laws being tailor-made for lobbies. Critique of consumerism, i.e. consuming consciously and organic nutrition, hasn’t found its way into everybody’s minds yet but also overlooks the fact that incomes differ and that everybody’s varied needs are legitimate.
Together we reflect upon, discuss and illustrate how an organic diet, longlived and innovative products and a happy life for everyone are realizable in an uncomplicated way and what a world community looks like that has learned to share and that decides itself, what it needs and how this can be accomplished.